May 2015 Wallpaper

Seafoam Lavender Farm in Seafoam, Nova Scotia
Seafoam Lavender Farm in Seafoam, Nova Scotia

I said I was going to post wallpapers less regularly, and I passed on April.  But I was getting tired of that scene and wanted something springy.  Spring has sprung here in North Carolina, although the usual spring-almost-summer temperatures haven’t decided to stay yet.  We’re still in that “heat in the morning, AC in the afternoon” stage that usually ends in April.  That’s OK with me!

There isn’t a lot of lavender here in North Carolina.  This is a lavender field in Seafoam, Nova Scotia from a few years back.  I’ve been reliving 2013 lately and this seemed like a good candidate to occupy my desktop for a while.  I hope it goes well on yours, too if  you are so inclined.

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