Reality Check

Kidd’s Mill Covered Bridge, Reynolds, PA

Kathy & I spent a quiet and relaxing (except for the drive home) extended Thanksgiving weekend in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania visiting family and friends.  As is my usual habit, I spent minimal time perusing the interwebs or watching television, so I enjoyed a blissful 5 days away from all of the messages telling me what I was supposed to be doing, buying or worrying about.  Fortunately I returned to work today, so I was able to get my 5-minute daily dose (aggregated from all my visits to the break room during the day) of television “news,” so I am now up to speed again.  Fiscal Cliff, blah-blah, Black Friday, blah-blah, Cyber Monday, blah-blah, Petraeus (or not Petraeus), blah-blah, Egypt, blah-blah, football, blah-blah, William and Kate, etc.

Somehow all of that stuff pales in comparison to cherished and overdue time with loved ones.  I hope you all had time to spend with yours.

3 thoughts on “Reality Check”

  1. Nice summary of the news. 🙂 Now, you caught me up since I don’t own a TV. I feel informed, now.

    I didn’t spend time with relatives this Thanksgiving, but I will be headed up to Ohio in February to celebrate my sister’s 65th birthday. I’m looking forward to that. I will be taking some flashes, stands, and umbrellas to do some portraits of everyone, too. It’s fun spending time with them, especially during special events like holidays and birthdays when you get to see a lot of the relatives in one place.

    1. See the things you miss by working remote? 🙂

      A birthday celebration sounds like just the right reason to venture to Ohio in February. There aren’t too many things that would convince me to go any time between October and May, but that would be one!

  2. Yes, time was spent with family, friends and friends who are family. I ate too much and watch more football in one afternoon than I have for the past 5 years. OD’d on both of them. I think I’m coming out the coma and functioning, somewhat. Visiting these bridges was something I wish I had while living near Columbus. Now I’ll have to make a special trip to find them.

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