May 2012 Wallpaper


South Beach Marina, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Here’s something a little different this month.  A simpler and more graphic photograph, the kind of photography I’ve been doing more of lately…seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

While this photograph was taken on Hilton Head Island, SC the location isn’t really important.  The photo isn’t about Hilton Head.  What it is about is the combination of red, white and blue in a simple, graphic design that to me represents that feeling I get on a sunny summer day with a great clear blue sky.  That feeling of being on vacation!

Lots going on these days, so while I hope to send off a few more posts before the Big Adventure, it may be a too little hectic.  But you’ll hear from me, don’t worry!

One thought on “May 2012 Wallpaper”

  1. Simplicity will always attract me as does contrasting colors. Even thought it is simple, we know exactly what it is and it does not really matter where it was taken. However, Hilton Head would be a great place to find images like this. 🙂

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