Marion, NC Train Station

Marion Train Station, Marion North Carolina

Kathy & I make frequent trips to Marion, NC to visit our friends at Bruce’s Fabulous Foods on Main Street in Marion.  We stumbled on Bruce’s a few years ago and have been making regular visits ever since.  This past Saturday we made our most recent pilgrimage.

Marion Train Station, Marion North Carolina

I’ve had an ongoing love for train stations and enjoy photographing them.  Not sure exactly why, but I do.  We often plan trips around train stations just to check them out.

This one's for Earl

The station in Marion is one we had visited before, but with a new camera to play with it was time to stop by again!  The light was a little tough and we were hungry, so we didn’t spend a lot of time but I got a few shots.

Fire Alarm
Old building near the Marion Train Station, Marion North Carolina
Growing Like A Weed

3 thoughts on “Marion, NC Train Station”

  1. I love pilgrimages. They’re good for the soul! Old buildings call out to me and if they happen to be a train station, all the better. The last two images are my favorites! You forgot to mention what the menu’s like at Bruce’s Fabulous Foods. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Monte. I find myself being interested in the history of these small towns, and the train stations – where they still exist – are often one of the last remaining pieces of that history. They really have a distinctive architecture, which I like. Some towns are more intact than others, but Marion is pretty well intact in the downtown area.

    The other thing we like to do, of course, is find places like Bruce’s in these towns. Every town has it’s version, and we look for them wherever we go. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of writing restaurant reviews but thought maybe they should be on a separate blog. But if I took some pictures…. 🙂

  3. The “Drink Coca Cola” sign is my favorite, but each of the others are beautifully done. I’ve never been to Marion, but i now have a positive impression of it.

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