January 2012 Wallpaper

Sunset, Hilton Head Island, SC

It was 65 degrees here in North Carolina today, and I washed my car!  Changes are in store over night tonight but I’ll brag while I can!

The coast is a special place any time of the year, but it takes on an amazing quality in the winter.  Crisp, clear skies and often some great color both at sunrise and sunset.  Our favorite beach within a reasonable drive is Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  Amazingly this photo is from a visit there nearly 5 years ago, in January 2007.  It’s really hard to believe how quickly time flies.

One thought on “January 2012 Wallpaper”

  1. It was 41 degrees at 7:00 am and had one of those beautiful red sunrise across the whole sky. So we are in a warm spell, so I’m gonna brag a bit myself. Lovely shot. I wish I was nearer to a beach like this.

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