Grammer, Speling and Other Pet Peaves

Sign in the bottling room at Makers Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky

At a restaurant last week, I overheard a Loud Talker telling his tablemates about some conquest or other, and he used “like” repeatedly. How many “likes” does it take to make a sentence? Like, literally, dozens!

Literally is another overused word. Literally.

One of our neighbors was recently talking about her new Infusion stove. Ummm, Induction?

When our neighborhood has a function involving food, the signs and flyers sometimes say “BYOB Your Own Beverage.”

A woman I used to work with said she went to “Evolution Church.” I think she meant “Elevation Church” and I don’t think they discuss Evolution there.

I worked with a woman who did marketing for a bank, and she talked about their “Veritable Rate Loans.”

A boss of mine would email me to find out what I was working on, asking “What’s in your que?”

When we’re getting ready to go on a cruise, we check out various forums and message boards to get information about the ship, the cruise line or some of the policies. People often ask questions about the “Dinning Room.” They sometimes ask about “Making Whoppie” (but hopefully not in the dinning room) but I wouldn’t know about that. 😉

Artwork in the reception area of Makers Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky
Artwork in the reception area of Makers Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky

9 thoughts on “Grammer, Speling and Other Pet Peaves”

  1. The artwork is beautiful, Tom. Well done. But I can’t seem to find an infusion stove anywhere.. I’ll keep looking and let you know if I find anything.

  2. Oh, boy. I could write a very long essay on this subject.
    I once saw a meme or something similar, “You can have friends or you can correct grammar.” I’m still undecided.

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