Postcard From Melbourne, Florida

Beach Time! Melbourne, Florida

Kathy and I are in Melbourne, FL enjoying a few days at the beach with our friends Jo Anne & Brent. I’m trying something a little different (for me) this trip and am planning to act like a tourist and take photos only with my phone. Took this on the beach before the occupants returned. Over-processed in Lightroom Mobile, which I suppose most tourists don’t do. 😉

4 thoughts on “Postcard From Melbourne, Florida”

  1. Over-processed? Nah….

    It’s nice to free yourself up, isn’t it?

    1. It’s actually kind of nice! I wanted to keep things simple and brought a several-years-old point & shoot, but decided that my phone was at least as good and ultimately easier to carry and use. Not ready to give up the “real” camera though for trips that call for it.

  2. Doesn’t look over-processed to me either. I must assume you did not leave your camera at home. If you did then we must make an appointment with a shrink. Sounds scary to me if you did!!

    1. Well, to be completely honest I did bring another camera, but not my Fuji. I brought an older Olympus P&S “just in case” but so far haven’t been inclined to use it. It was a little scary but I’m going to be okay (I think). 🙂

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