Lunch Time Company


This guy was hanging out on the window outside our break room at work, and I couldn’t help but make a few portraits of him with my phone.

One or more of my expert readers will set me straight, but I think this is a Pipevine or Blue Swallowtail.  I don’t see too many butterflies, but this guy was pretty interesting.  I did a little Snapseed magic to clean up the background and juice the colors a bit.

I’m currently wading through my photos from our recent visit to Colorado.  Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Lunch Time Company”

  1. Amazing what can be done with phones these days. A dynamic background and, being that close, some nice Bokeh too .

    1. The Galaxy S6 has an impressive camera. There’s a little filtration going on there, but mostly I was really close to the little guy (considering I was shooting through glass!).

  2. A very nice butterfly, Tom, but let’s not dawdle with those Colorado images! For me, that’s practically “home”!

    Just kidding……..

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