October 2014 Wallpaper

Fall in Motion 2

One technique that I’ve found works well for abstracts is to put my lens into manual and deliberately throw it out of focus.  It’s funny, but as much as I love shooting abstracts I often forget to try that.  When I was looking for an abstract for this month’s wallpaper, I wanted something that was about fall color.  I came across a lot of shots, but then I remembered these.  I only did a few of them but need to do them more often.  I love the effect, as it is a lot like the results I get when I shoot moving water.  But instead of the moving water making the patterns they come from the shades and tones in the scene.

Fall seems to be coming a little early around here.  The weather in general has been very strange the last month or two.  I hope everyone is able to enjoy fall wherever you are, or spring for those who are “upside down” on this earth 😉 .

8 thoughts on “October 2014 Wallpaper”

  1. I was hoping for some nice foliage shots this year but it seems like a lot of the leaves are just falling and skipping the color change. Very nice shot, Tom.

    1. You just can’t predict nature, Ken. One of the most amazing things about fall is that you just never know what you’re going to see until you see it. Thanks, Ken!

  2. Nice abstract there, Tom. I like to do that sometimes, but I usually don’t keep the picture, but it’s nice to have a look-see through the lens. 🙂

    The great thing about abstracts is that they can be hung on a wall as a color complement, or just something interesting to look at.

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