It May Be May

Flat Rock, Morning
Flat Rock, Morning

This month’s wallpaper continues the abstract theme.  I don’t have many landscape motion abstracts, and the ones I do have tend to be vertical images.  Those would make good tablet or phone wallpaper but not so much on the computer screen.  I do have a lot of moving water abstracts that I really like, primarily because I spend a lot more time shooting water at the beach than shooting mountains.  Plus, making good motion landscapes is hard!  It seems that I have a lot more luck getting water abstracts that I like.  But no matter.

This image is titled Flat Rock, Morning, was one of my first print sales a few years ago and continues to be one of my most popular photographs.  So out of the archives it comes to live for a month on your desktop if you so choose!

Kathy & I will be headed to the beach later this month, so don’t be surprised to see some more moving water photos in June!

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