All We Really Need?

No, this is not our patio!

Yesterday our 6 1/2 year old grandson Edison visited, along with his dad Scott, our oldest son. Prior to their arrival I had been outside cleaning the patio – the usual chores, scrubbing cushions, washing off the grill and hosing off a summer’s worth of rain and environmental residue.

Edison came outside as I was hosing off the floor, and asked me if he could help. Why of course, why not? I let him wield the floor brush, then the hose, then the broom ( I really need to buy a squeegee!) and we both had a blast – him giggling all the way and me just generally enjoying the company. Of course I had to go back and “touch up” a few spots. At some point Scott commented that the job was going to take twice as long with Edison’s “help.” Kathy told him she didn’t think either of us minded, and she was right!

As I thought about it later, and Kathy & I talked about it, I came to realize that a little respect, a sense of belonging, a feeling of contributing, and sometimes a whole lot of fun, is all we really look for. Whether we’re six or sixty-something, our needs are really pretty simple.

We all had periods of laughter and fun throughout the day, interrupted occasionally with Edison’s “grumbellies” and 6-year old orneriness, but overall it was just a few people who love each other enjoying a gorgeous almost-fall day and life in general. After they left, Kathy & I took a nap. Sometimes we need that too!

8 thoughts on “All We Really Need?”

  1. Your post arrived as I was finishing up my notes for a “father of the groom” speech for my eldest son’s upcoming wedding. My themes were pretty much like your words above – respect, love, belonging and laughter. It really is all we need.

    Nice photograph. Wonder where you made that one?

  2. Happy for you all, laughter is the best medicine. We should all feel that blessed. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yeah, all those flowers can be a pain, but the bike is fun. 😉

    As you probably realized, it is a scene from Italy several years ago. Dare I say ‘a piazza in Pienza?’ 🙂

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