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Phase 2: Day…Whatever – A Change of Scenery

First evening on the Beach, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Kathy & I arrived in Hilton Head Island, SC yesterday for a week.  Hilton Head is our absolute favorite beach destination and we love to come here as often as we can.  There are other beaches that are “hoitier” and “toitier” than HHI but we find this to be just right for us.  Beautiful beach, nice restaurants (when we want to eat out) and convenient grocery stores and other services.

Our rationale is that we’re going to live here for a week just like we would live at home…with a better view!  We brought a supply of food so we can minimize our going out – just like home.  Interesting so far that – other than one gas station just south of Columbia – we haven’t seen a single person wearing a mask.  Take that however you want, but things are overall a bit more relaxed here than in the Big City.  We are on Island Time, after all!

Phase 2: Day 22 – Time For A Change of Scenery

See Ya!

Kathy & I are working on plans to see friends and family in Ohio and Pennsylvania in early July.  When we talked about spending time with other people over the July 4th weekend, I told her that “we need a different sound track.”  I feel like we’ve been listening to the same album over and over for 13 weeks and it is time to hear some new music.

In the mean time, enough of this sitting around at home with itchy feet.  It’s time to “get out of Dodge” for a little while.  So we’re headed to the beach for a week.  Back tomorrow with photos from a new location.  No power lines or shopping carts! 🙂