A Visit to NoDa

Mural on a building in the North Davidson (NoDa) area of Charlotte

This is the first of what I plan to be a series of posts under the category “Tourist In My Own Town!

Kathy & I paid a visit to the area of Charlotte near the intersection of North Davidson Street and East 36th Street, known to locals as “NoDa” as in North Davidson. Clever, huh? We went primarily to visit a wine bar and retail wine shop recently opened by a friend of ours, but decided to make an afternoon of it. It was a nice day, a little warm for spring with highs in the mid-80s, but the humidity was low and there was a nice breeze.

Mural on a building in the North Davidson (NoDa) area of Charlotte
Mural on a building in the North Davidson (NoDa) area of Charlotte

NoDa is packed with bars and restaurants, with a few retail stores and tattoo parlors mixed in for good measure. Kathy & I avoided the tattoo parlors! During the day it is pretty quiet, but I understand that things get cranking in the evening. We did our thing early and got out before the masses arrived!

The North Davidson (NoDa) area of Charlotte
Public art in the form of bicycle storage at the 36th Street transit station. The North Davidson (NoDa) area of Charlotte.

We walked around a bit and I took some pictures. Then with time to kill we hopped on the light rail, took it out to UNC Charlotte, wandered around there then got back in time for our destination to open at 4:00. We filled up on wine and snacks, bought a few bottles for souvenirs, and headed home in time to enjoy the sunset from our porch.

Shadows cast by the Mikyoung Kim’s Nexus Project – public art installation at the UNC Charlotte Main Station for the Lynx Blue Line

A nice day!

5 thoughts on “A Visit to NoDa”

  1. Now that’s my kind day and the weather cooperated with you. I’m also one who leaves before the chaos and increased noise people call fun begins. Not one to visit tattoo parlors, either. Looks like some very good mural artists are in the area. Again, you’ve done a superb job with this series.

    1. Thank you, Monte. I have more photos that I’ll share in the coming days.

      This is an interesting area. ‘Almost’ reminds me of parts of Fort Collins, with older buildings mixed in with new. The light rail line that was recently completed out that way has resulted in tons of new construction, mostly apartments and condos. Not enough quaint shops and galleries to make it much of a daytime destination, but for the youngsters it is evidently a place to be at night – after you and I are asleep! 😉

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