Meeting Friends Along The Way

Joe Smith photographing on the Boothbay Harbor Footbridge in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Over the years we have managed to create a nice group of “photo friends” here in the Land of Blog.  As Kathy & I travel, we like to make a point of seeking out our photo friends whenever we are nearby.  Interestingly, it seems that the friends we do meet are often the ones farther away.  For example, Faye lives near Charlotte after a having lived in Atlanta, but we have never met.  We saw Earl numerous times when he lived more than an hour away, but since he moved closer to us we haven’t seen him.  We have visited Monte in Colorado a number of times.  Although Jeff lives in Wisconsin and Michigan and we have visited him there, we met for the first time in Italy! 😉

When we planned our trip to New England, I knew that we would be “in the neighborhood” of several of our friends and worked to set up some meetings.  Paul and Ken, both in the Rochester area of New York, and recent Maine transplant Joe were on the radar.

Kathy, Me, Michele Bello, Paul Maxim and Ken Bello at Jines Restaurant in Rochester, New York

Joe and his partner Katherine were up for meeting for lunch at a lobster shack on the Maine coast before spending time in Boothbay Harbor.  He and I spent a little time photographing in Boothbay before we parted company.  We managed to meet up with Ken, his wife Michele and Paul for lunch while we were in Rochester visiting the Eastman Museum.

Photographers being photographers, Joe and I never thought to get a photo of us together, although we each managed to get photos of each other so there is photographic evidence – albeit circumstantial – of us being in the same place!  We asked our waitress in Rochester to take our picture, but when I looked at the camera she had never pushed the shutter button!  Fortunately we corralled a waiter who was also a photographer, so he did manage to shoot a few photos, although the lighting could have been better. 😉

Paul Maxim, Me and Ken Bello at Jines Restaurant in Rochester, New York

It’s always nice to put faces and personalities with names and websites.  We hope to do some more as we continue to travel! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Meeting Friends Along The Way”

  1. You have met quite a few photographers from your blogging world. I have not met as many but some. I do want to meet more and that is still a possibility. It is good to get faces with them.

  2. I would have loved to meet Cedric (of Plop! fame, right?). He and I have had numerous e-mail conversations until he disappeared and I’ve only heard from him once since then. I believe Karin Pinkham (found via this page) is in New England and I reached out but never heard back. Monte is still on my radar and I regret not being able to get there on the trip across.
    Thanks again for the mention.

    1. I corresponded with Cedric a few months ago, and while he assured me that all was well, I got the impression that he had stepped away and probably would not be returning. A shame, because I always loved his photographs and appreciated his thoughtful comments.

      Like you, I have also reached out to Karin Pinkham but have never connected. I had hoped to meet up with her on this last trip – I believe she is in the Bar Harbor area – but no luck.

      Monte is my big brother from a different mother. 😉 We have met up with him a number of times and I feel like he and I could be related in this or another life. Definitely worth stopping by Fort Collins if you are in the area.

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