Postcard From King Arthur Baking Company, Vermont

The King Arthur Baking Company store in Norwich, Vermont

Who knew there were so many kinds of flour?  I guess I did, but seeing so many varieties in one place was fascinating.  Kathy & I like bread, but like so many things, we like to eat it but are happy for others’ passion in baking it!  But it was the first stop after we crossed into Vermont, so we stopped in, wandered around, took a few pictures and left.  It was pretty busy, we didn’t have anything we wanted to take home, and knew that we would soon have other “souvenir” opportunities – in the afternoon we stopped and purchased at (a) a distillery, (b) a maple syrup and cheese farm, and (c) a maple syrup museum (who knew?).

The King Arthur Baking Company store in Norwich, Vermont

4 thoughts on “Postcard From King Arthur Baking Company, Vermont”

  1. I won’t tell Katherine you bought Vermont maple syrup instead of New Hampshire’s 🙂

    I didn’t know King Arthur’s was in VT. I often see them mentioned for baking but never bought any.

    Looking forward to the distillery post!

    1. New Hampshire does maple syrup? Sure, but at least where I’m from Vermont’s is more famous. We got syrup for years in northeast Ohio near Chardon, also known for its syrup. Everyone is proud of their own, I’m sure. Just like mama’s spaghetti sauce, etc. 😉

  2. You two are making me hungry. Love maple syrup. Well, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of King Arthur Baking Company. Like you I’m not much into baking just the consuming stuff.

    1. It’s a brand I’m familiar with, but since we don’t buy a lot of flour we don’t have it at home. I know a lot of home bakers that make it their go-to.

      I think I’ll be making some pancakes and french toast when we get home!

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