We’ve All Got Trees

Tree study, Hilton Head Island South Carolina

I was recently scrolling through Instagram when I came across a post by Tony Sweet where he talked about how one of his most-photographed subjects is a single tree.  I happen to know of one tree in particular in Cades Cove that I refer to as “Tony Sweet’s Tree” even though lots of other photographers know about it too.

Sunset at The Saddle Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway near Meadows of Dan Virginia
Tree in silhouette at twilight, The Saddle Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

In his post states that he has “amassed a pretty large collection of single tree images in various formats, weather conditions, and times of year.”  It got me thinking about my own collection of trees, so I went out and found a few of them to post here.

Fall along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Licklog Ridge Overlook MP 349
Tree and rocks, Pilot Mountain State Park, North Carolina

I’ve been thinking in terms of themes lately anyway, and his post made me think of another possibility for a website gallery.  The choices never end…. 😉

Sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Laurel Knob Overlook (aka Licklog Ridge Overlook) MP 349

(As a side note, I noticed lately that a number of people who have subscribed for email notification of new posts were not getting emails.  I think I have found and fixed the problem, but we’ll see.)

Morning along the Blue Ridge Parkway near the intersection with Virginia Route 97 near Galax, Virginia
Pastoral view along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Meadows of Dan, Virginia

8 thoughts on “We’ve All Got Trees”

  1. One of my favorite subjects. I used to have a ‘tree’ gallery but I’m always looking at new gallery ideas and it eventually was replaced by something else, probably ‘rocks.’ This is a beautiful collection of an ever-fascinating subject.

  2. I also have a love with trees, especially isolated and solitary trees. I also have a lot of images of clouds. Both are favorites. This is a wonderful gallery. I think it’s a good idea to setup a tree gallery and expecting to see one.

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