Postcard From The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Kathy & I visited this amazing place on Monday…words cannot do it justice.  We did the westbound shuttle, catching most of the overlooks out to Hermit’s Rest.  After lunch at the El Tovar (incomparable!) we drove out to Desert View and The Watchtower before returning to our humble accommodations in Williams.

6 thoughts on “Postcard From The Grand Canyon”

  1. I hadn’t been there ever before until a few years ago. Nothing – no photograph, no video, no written description – prepares you for that experience of seeing it.

    1. Absolutely. I just stood there staring for a while then made a few photographs. I was very glad to have brought along my widest lens! 😉

  2. I really don’t think we have the poetic language to express what you feel upon first standing at the rim.

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