A Quick Visit to Southport, NC

Sunset over the harbor in Southport, North Carolina

Kathy & I made our return trip to Southport, NC this past Thursday & Friday to get our second round of the Covid vaccine.  Kathy fared pretty well (so far) but it really kicked my butt.  Not unusual I suppose, but I had been very optimistic that my experience would be a non-event.  Not so.

Fishing trawler “Cape Point” in the marina at Southport, North Carolina

The weather this time was conducive to spending time in town and having dinner at one of the many waterfront restaurants there.  We spent a little time walking around after dinner before finally needing to escape what I can only imagine were sand fleas.  Pesky little buggers who like to get in your hair and other places you don’t want bugs.  Yuck!

Rickety dock in the harbor in Southport, North Carolina

We depart on Sunday for our latest road trip – a journey to the Southwest through Texas, southern New Mexico & Arizona with a return via parts of Route 66.  We should be gone about 3 weeks and I’ll likely be posting my “postcards” as we go.

American Fish Company restaurant on the waterfront in Southport, North Carolina
Container ship transiting the Cape Fear River enroute to the Atlantic Ocean from Wilmington, North Carolina
Homes along the waterfront in Southport, North Carolina
Fishing pier in Southport, North Carolina
Downtown Southport, North Carolina

4 thoughts on “A Quick Visit to Southport, NC”

  1. Sorry you got your buttocks kicked.

    Looks like fun down there in SouthPort. I am excited for your upcoming trip. I will follow along with your postcards. I’m hoping to get in some travel time this summer or late fall, also. Have no idea of where but just want to be on the road to somewhere. I have friends who left yesterday for months in their RV along the west coast. Maybe I need to visit the ocean, a beach, so I can add to my portfolio and listen to the waves pounding.

    1. Well, you are always welcome to come our way…we know some good beaches and can always talk about renting a place. 🙂

      I was somewhat surprised at the severity of my “side effects” although as you can see from Jeff’s comment it could have been a lot worse. Thankful that I felt fine this morning and we got the first day in, albeit a bit shorter than we might have. Although we left a day early so we are ahead of the game!

  2. My 2nd Moderna shot laid me OUT. I was freakin’ miserable for about 12 or 14 hours and not that great for the 5 or so hours on either side of that. MP was much less affected.

    But… SCIENCE! I’m a big fan. I figure that my immune system was doing its job.

    1. I felt good long enough to figure I was in the clear, but at about the 12 hour mark (11:00PM) things started to go downhill. By midnight I was in full “flu” mode – body aches, chills, the works. Felt like crap all day Saturday but woke up on Sunday like nothing ever happened. So here we are. The downside for Kathy is that I’m a lousy patient. I’m never sick and hate to be sick so we’re both glad it was over quickly.

      Yes, SCIENCE! There are (unfortunately) a lot of unbelievers /deniers out there, but I’m not one of them. Heck, I’m planning to stop in Roswell so what does that make me besides kooky (which we already knew!)? I can only hope that my/our reaction is proof of a superior immune system doing its job.

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