Full Moon – Sort of a Bust?

Full moon rising over the Atlantic Ocean at St. Augustine Beach, Florida

The full moon is technically today 2/27, although it was fuller at moonrise last night than it will be tonight.  The night that the moon rises just before sunset is what I have heard referred to as the “photographer’s moon” because it rises almost-full while there is still sufficient light on the landscape to show detail.

Last night’s moon rose through a band of thick haze on the horizon into a cloudless sky, so there wasn’t a lot to be excited about.  But it was still pretty, we had a nice place to watch from and it was cocktail time!  I may try again tonight but moonrise coincides with dinner time so I may need to make do with one night’s photos.

White balance may be a little wonky on this but I think it is pretty true to the scene as it was presented.

2 thoughts on “Full Moon – Sort of a Bust?”

    1. That’s why I like to photograph the night before, when there is still plenty of ambient light in the sky.

      Having a good time, enjoying the warm temperatures and the outdoors safely. Home tomorrow but that’s OK! 🙂

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