Bugs, Dirt, Soot and…Salt?

Near Deer Lodge, Montana

One of the challenges of a long road trip is all of the varying road conditions and how it trashes the car.  I’m not one of those guys who obsesses over every water spot, but I do get to a point where I need to find a car wash!

Southern Montana near Fort Smith
National Bison Range near Charlo, Montana
Transcontinental Railroad National Back Country Byway at Golden Spike National Historical Park near Corinne, Utah

For some reason, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri seem to have way more bugs than anywhere else we’ve been.  After 2 or 3 days of highway speeds, the front of the car looks like the site of an insect massacre.

Along Alt US-14 through the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in North central Wyoming
Soot on our car from the smoke around Cannon Beach, Oregon

We spent a lot more time on gravel and dirt roads on this trip, especially in eastern Washington but also in Montana, Idaho, Nevada and Utah.  In the Palouse region of Washington, a few of the roads had dirt so fine that was like powder, and it got everywhere.  Not to mention the smoke and soot in Oregon!  It took its toll on the car, for sure.

I should have waited until after we visited Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Fortunately or unfortunately the drive home from Tennessee was almost all in the rain, so it did help a bit with the dust.  But a couple of hours in the driveway to clean out the inside plus a trip to the car wash was an absolute necessity.  It’s all good now, at least until the next trip down a dirt road!

The Subie gets a well-deserved bath after hundreds of smoky, dusty and sooty miles

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