Postcard From Norton, Kansas

Former gas station in Norton, Kansas that is now a portion of the Norton Senior Citizen Center

An extremely rare 3-photo postcard! 🙂

Norton, Kansas boasts three vintage gas stations that have been repurposed for other uses.  It was on my list of stops last year but we didn’t get there.  This year we made a point of stopping by.  Very cool!

Former gas station and Chevrolet dealership in Norton, Kansas that now houses a title company
Former gas station in Norton, Kansas that now houses the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau

4 thoughts on “Postcard From Norton, Kansas”

  1. I wonder how many times they get people drive up to fill up? Or is it fairly obvious that these are no longer functioning as gas stations? In any case they certainly look cool, much nicer than modern ones.

    1. For the most part, people aren’t going to be driving through Norton, Kansas accidentally. 😉 They do look very realistic and for the most part might appear to be functioning, but if nothing else the prices would give them away. I think one of them had a price of $.25 9/10 per gallon!

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