Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Inn at Cannon Beach Hotel in Cannon Beach, Oregon – photo pretty close to how it looked

Smoke gets in a few other places too, yikes!

Before & after comparison of color corrected white balance and original, accurate color

Several folks have expressed concerns about our well being, and I thought it would be best to assure you that we are carrying on quite well, thank you very much.  I haven’t posted for a couple of days, but we’ve actually been quite busy.  I’ll catch up with some Postcards shortly but wanted to give this short update.

Port of Garibaldi and Garibaldi Marina in Garibaldi, Oregon

While we were in Cannon Beach, Oregon, the smoke moved in with quite a vengeance.  And it stayed with it throughout our visit to McMinnville in the Willamette Valley.  But other than keeping us from seeing a lot of the beautiful Oregonian scenery, it hasn’t slowed us down much.  Tonight (Sunday 9/13) we are in Bend, Oregon.  While still in the smoke a bit, we aren’t anywhere near the flames.  Rest assured that while we probably passed within 25-30 miles of some of the fires, there is really little danger here unless you are actually close to the fire.  The rest is mostly an aggravating, stinky fog, and pretty easy to fix with the right white balance setting in Lightroom! 😉

Port of Garibaldi and Garibaldi Marina in Garibaldi, Oregon
Port of Garibaldi and Garibaldi Marina in Garibaldi, Oregon

Monday 9/14 we head to Elko, Nevada where the forecast is for sunny skies, with perhaps a little sun but temperatures in the low 90s during the day.  We can put our long pants and sweaters away for a few days!

Port of Garibaldi and Garibaldi Marina in Garibaldi, Oregon

4 thoughts on “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”

    1. See? Makes the smoke look like ordinary harmless fog!

      We actually did see some hazy sunshine this afternoon as we drove east on I-80. Hopefully we will see some more over the next few days. We’ll be in touch probably Thursday to make a decision about our time in Fort Collins. We’ll definitely make a stop but at this point are open to whether it is one night or two.

  1. That smoke is crazy thick from the looks of it. I like that you showed us those before-after pics. Big difference. Also glad to hear all is well and that you continue to enjoy yourselves. I am sure that sunny skies will be a welcomed sight after all that smoke.

    1. Thank you, Cedric. It certainly hasn’t been ideal travel conditions the last few days, but we didn’t drive this far to just give up and go home. 😉 I hoped you would appreciate the sign with the upside down “Australia” board. 🙂

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