Another Postcard from Nebraska

Hay!  Rural countryside along US 183 in north central Nebraska

I’m a few days behind in processing photos – we are currently in Pullman, Washington.  This one will hopefully whet the appetite until I can get closer to caught up.

Weird weather day in store today – after beautiful skies and warm yesterday, they are talking high winds and blowing dust with  high of only 70.  Sending it Monte’s way, it sounds like!

4 thoughts on “Another Postcard from Nebraska”

    1. I’ve never seen as much dust as we saw in the Palouse. Between driving down dirt/sand roads and then the wind-blown dust the next day, it was incredible. The inside of our car is coated with a fine coating just from having the doors open occasionally. So far I think I’ve protected the camera and lenses, but what a mess!

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