Same Meat, Different Seasoning

ACROS+Red filter

The photo in my previous post was processed using the “Vintage 01” profile in Lightroom.  My default setting is usually an Import Preset I’ve developed using the “Camera Velvia” profile, with some of my own secret sauce.  The Velvia version with that subject came out way too saturated, so I started messing around with a few other treatments.  I created new Virtual Copies, changed to a new profile then made a few additional tweaks based on what I thought each version needed.

Original with Velvia Profile

No verdicts or preferences at this point, but it was interesting to see what the different options can do.

Vintage 01 Profile
Pro-Negative-Hi Profile
Classic Negative Profile

2 thoughts on “Same Meat, Different Seasoning”

    1. Yes, in Lightroom you only see the profiles if you are working with a RAW file – you don’t get the option with a JPEG. And you only see the options that your camera has. For example, you wouldn’t see the newer ones with an older camera. There are third parties that have come up with presets that simulate the Adobe profiles that would work on other file types but I haven’t tried them.

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