Phase 2: Day 7 – Life In Color

Life In Color – Flowers in the Neighborhood

We learned yesterday that our libraries will reopen on June 1, albeit with very limited services including only allowing one person at a time in the building.  That’s OK with me, as right now I just want to return two physical books that I’ve had since February.  All of my other reading has been on my Kindle.  It will be nice to get the books off our living room table!

2 thoughts on “Phase 2: Day 7 – Life In Color”

  1. Wow, one person at a time I would say is very limited services. I’ve been buying way too many books through so no reason for the library. I also have my Kindle paperwhite, which I really enjoy.

    1. Our branch libraries are relatively small, at least the one we use. People won’t be permitted to sit anywhere, just browse for books and check out. So as long as people don’t spend a lot of time browsing it should not be too tough. The hard part is for the people who depend on library services like computers for job searches and unemployment benefits. I don’t know when that will return.

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