Phase 2: Day 2 – Life in Color

Saved up for the red paint, gonna take longer to get the black paint

I took the day off from thinking yesterday, so I don’t have a lot to say this morning.  But I did manage to take some pictures on this morning’s walk.

I have a “goal” in my step tracker of 5,000 steps per day.  That isn’t much by some standards, but it is good enough for me.  Most days I exceed it by several thousand, earlier this week I actually went over 10,000.  I think today will mark 54 days in a row.  Every day since March 1.


2 thoughts on “Phase 2: Day 2 – Life in Color”

  1. Now that’s what I need, take the day off from thinking.

    Not sure why but I’m getting your posts in my feeders in all sorts of different order. Doesn’t matter as long as I get them.

    1. Sometimes I just have these big ideas pop into my head and get inspired to write about them. Often times I don’t! I call them brain farts. 😉

      I replied to one of your earlier comments but have no idea about why they appear out of order. I am glad that you are getting them, and would be interested to know what reader you use.

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