Phase 1: Day 8 – Out and About

Out and About: Bumper Sticker

Kathy & I had an exciting adventure yesterday – we went to Lowe’s!

Even though the hardware stores have stayed open during this time and many of our friends and neighbors have been going regularly, we’ve pretty much avoided going anywhere but the grocery store.  We had some things delivered from Home Depot a month or so ago, but were out of bird seed and needed to pick up some other project stuff that they don’t deliver or charge for.

It was interesting to see the number of people out and about.  People buying plants, paint, lumber and other home improvement stuff.  I haven’t gotten desperate enough to start repainting rooms yet, and hopefully won’t get that far!

We stopped at a Publix supermarket to pick up some cheese that we can’t find at our local store, and it was pretty much a normal Friday there.  Except for an empty toilet paper aisle.  I still can’t figure that out.  How come after all this time they haven’t been able to catch up?  Or are people still panic buying and hoarding the stuff?

It’s going to be in the 80s here today and tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Phase 1: Day 8 – Out and About”

  1. I’ve noticed the paper products are still not getting stocked or there’s a lot of panic buying still going on. I’m also seeing the younger people wanting to get back to the party life, so many are not taking the precautions that I am. This pandemic does not go away just because a stay-at-home order is lifted. I’ve heard many people are doing things around the house therefore a busy time for Home Depot. My youngest daughter works for them and they are busy. And, I love the sign!!!

    1. The attitude of people who act like it’s suddenly safe to out is a bit surprising. It’s sort of like the people who think that anything they buy from a store like Whole Foods is healthy! Our governor is supposed to announce a decision on moving to the next phase later this week, and it feels like people are lining up at the starting line for a race. Kathy and I are happy to give things a little longer before we jump into the fray. Although we will jump at the first chance to get our hair cut! 🙂

      I do wonder though about how much TP some people must have stashed away! But somehow, sometime I hope the stores can get caught up!

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