Ordinary Household Objects: Day 41

Ordinary Household Objects: Baking Sheet

Every indication points toward the governor starting his “Phase I” plan this coming weekend.  Assuming that is the case, Friday will mark the end of this specific project.  I love the idea of posting some kind of daily photo, and my intention is to keep posting daily.  I’m hoping to get out and about a bit more and would like to take photos of something other than things inside my house!  I’ve been unearthing some lovely “gems” from past years as I work on processing my old unprocessed photos, so I may post some of them as well.  I’ll probably also continue to to supply a stream of drivel as we go along.

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Household Objects: Day 41”

  1. Amen! to having new photo ops though I’m not sure how far I’ll venture out. Your household object series has been very creative.

    1. Thank you, Faye. The project has been fun but I’m tiring of it. Anything I do won’t be terribly adventurous, but I’d like to get out and walk around some of our parks and small towns, looking for nice scenes and symbols of hope.

  2. Yes, just the freedom to be out and about will bring relief to many. I’m not sure how I will react. I’ve really slowed down on my adventurous life.

    1. We’re planning on taking it very slow. As tempting as it is to “rush right out” we’re trying to resist the urge. Let the impatient ones do that, and we’ll sit back and see what happens. I’ve said it too many times now, but we’ve been seeing real benefits from staying put, and don’t want to mess with that success!

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