Something’s Fishy

Fresh NC Snapper from Lucky Fish

I’ve always been a bit of a chicken when it comes to cooking fish at home.  But Kathy & I love good fish, and we recently came across a source for good, fresh fish that delivers to our home.  The son of one of our neighbors is a chef and operates a wholesale seafood business, selling to restaurants and also to individuals through local farmer’s markets.  I think he only delivers to our neighborhood because his mother lives here.

We had known about Michael and Lucky Fish for a long time, but after talking with one of our other neighbors who is a regular customer, we decided to give it a try.  We ordered some NC Snapper, and wow!  I grilled it on non-stick foil with a little zesty lemon seasoning, and it was perfect, accompanied by a bottle of Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Rose Wine (part of our ongoing experiment with grocery store wine).

I’ve already developed a reputation for being the “Steak Whisperer” when it comes to running my grill.  Maybe soon I’ll also be known as the “Fish Whisperer.” 🙂  It is sure going to make it even harder to go back to restaurants!

6 thoughts on “Something’s Fishy”

  1. Wow that looks fantastic!!! Kathy was telling me about the non stick foil technique and I’m going to have to give it a shot. First time I had red snapper was with you and Kathy at Fin and Fino in NC – and you’re right… WOW! That’s good eating right there, Tom! Now if only I could recruit some muscle to hook up a propane tank to my barbecue, I’d be in business

    1. You might be able to recruit a friendly neighbor to hook up a propane tank. Better yet, some places have propane delivery, where they bring the tank right to the house. We have a direct gas hookup now, but years ago I had a propane grill and had tanks delivered for a while.

      We got some more snapper yesterday for Mother’s Day dinner. Looks pretty good in the fridge, should be really nice for dinner!

    1. We’ve been getting some really good fish from this guy. We’re definitely going to have a tough time going back to restaurants.

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