Ordinary Household Objects: Day 7

Ordinary Household Objects: Toilet Paper Roll

Considerable time was spent “contemplating” the proper way to photograph this particular subject.  Take comfort in knowing that I was actually seated on the floor for this photo. 🙂

This photo is appropriate for these times, and also for the fact that for practitioners of the faith, it’s April Fools Day. 😉

I walked at least 5,000 steps per day – usually many more – for 30 days in a row in March.  I took the 31st off to break the streak.  To my way of thinking, there is little to be gained with streaks, and the longer they go the more the pressure builds to continue.  So by purposely breaking it, walking becomes just something I do, and not something I have to do.  And I was back at it again this morning! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Ordinary Household Objects: Day 7”

  1. There are some things I do just to keep it up, not break the streak, so I have some illusionary goal I’ve met. Walking is one of those things we really need to want to experience and not a have to. Glad you were on the floor.

    1. I really enjoy walking, especially early in the morning. Kathy does not. In fact she is usually still asleep when I get back home. We have been going out together after lunch, although that will be harder to do when it starts getting hot. Why is it that as soon as something is expected or required it becomes less appealing? Hmmm….

  2. If you took this seated on the floor I hope you were at home because if you were anyplace else it might seem kinda weird. And how come all the other months don’t have a Fools Day?

    1. Two good questions, Ken! First, I wouldn’t sit on any other bathroom floor than my own. It’s bad enough that my feet have to touch the floors in some bathrooms I’ve been in! And second, I don’t have a clue. People just don’t have much of a sense of humor, although there seem to enough fools to go around! 😉

      By the way, check your “follower requests” on Instagram.

  3. I like your attitude with regards to streaks. Very wise indeed. And I like this shot, as you said, rather appropriate. I’m wondering how many people will install bidets once this is over, you know, in preparation for the next pandemic. There might be a business opportunity there. Or maybe start importing high-tech Japanese toilets 😉

  4. I’m not sure people here would be able to figure out how to use a bidet. Unless there is an app on their phone they can control it with…. But toilet paper, like gas, is cheap, so we buy a dozen or more rolls at a time. There is little reason to conserve when it is so plentiful, and refitting a bathroom for a bidet would be costly by comparison, at least in the short term. 😉

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