Ordinary Household Objects: Day 4

Ordinary Household Objects: Hair Brush

Kathy & I love to eat out but we had already cut back a lot in order to offset all of the “travel eating” we have done lately.  We aren’t big fans of “takeout” food, generally preferring to “dine in” or just cook at home.  About the only things we’ll do takeout with are Chinese and pizza.  Last night we had planned to get Chinese from our local restaurant, but they didn’t answer their phone so we don’t know if they are open or not.  We talked about alternatives, including driving over there to see, but in the end we just decided to eat in.  In “normal” circumstances we would never have hesitated to just go somewhere else, but these times seem to be far from normal.

7 thoughts on “Ordinary Household Objects: Day 4”

  1. Yes, I understand your thinking. I’m one to sit down and enjoy my meal at the restaurant rather than the take-out idea. I’ve also been cooking more at home over the past few years so it’s not much different.

    1. Going out just for “something to eat” doesn’t give the whole experience, as far as we’re concerned. Our cooking is “good enough” and so far it appears to be friendly to the scale. We’ll see how that goes, but so far so good.

  2. I must admit that as a certified homebody this situation has been kind of a blessing for me since my wife can’t organise outings on weekends 😉

    1. It’s kind of nice not feeling pressured to come up with things to do. That said, I was talking to some neighbors this afternoon and we decided to have a “Social Distancing Happy Hour” on Friday. As long as someone else organizes it I don’t mind attending. 😉

      1. There’s been a few street parties happening here, with people keeping their distance and just enjoying drinks and conversations. But we’ve also heard some people down our street having full on parties in their homes which is stupid really. But I suppose “stupid” is humanity’s default setting 😉

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