Ordinary Household Objects: Day 3

Ordinary Household Objects: Hand Soap Dispenser

Our recent “stay-at-home” order states that we should limit travel  “upon public streets, alleys, or roadways or other property except by those in need of medical assistance, food or other commodity or service necessary to sustain the well-being of themselves or their families or some member thereof.”  But in a publication of FAQs, the hypothetical question of “Am I allowed to go out on the lake?” is answered with “Yes, you can take your boat out on the lake, but practice social distancing if you go out with others.” So I can’t get in my car and drive around, but I can go out in my boat?  Seems a little silly, but if I decide to go out driving and someone stops me, can I just say that I’m going to the lake to ride around in my boat?  If that’s not necessary travel I don’t know what is!  Now I just need a boat…. 😉

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Household Objects: Day 3”

  1. I am liking these a lot Tom. I like the stylistic theme that your are imposing on each photo. It’s creating a nice vibe, a nice flow and gives each image an abstraction that I find especially appealing. Well done. Looking forward to more.

    1. I’m trying to keep this from being a “what is this” exercise by making the photos somewhat recognizable. A few of my ideas may become a little abstract, if I can figure out how to pull them off.

      You may be seeing a lot of this – our state governor has imposed a 30-day stay-at-home order for the entire state starting Monday. I may be doing this a long time!

  2. Wonderful image, Tom. Looking forward to see what you see and how you present it to us.

    I broke the law this morning and went to a coffee shop for a takeout latte, no boat was involved. I’m seeing many people respect the stay-at-home orders as well as a few who are not. Most have been the college crowd, especially as I live among many college students.

    1. Your secret is safe with me! 😉

      We’re still seeing the younger folks congregating in the parks around here, as if they had some kind of immunity. Interesting – and perhaps proof of why – the 20-30-ish set is making up the largest percentage of people infected in our county. Could be Darwin at work, hard to say.

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