Photo Project: Ordinary Household Objects

Ordinary Household Objects: Corkscrew

Mecklenburg County, NC is under a 3-week “stay-at-home” order starting today through April 15.  I need another project, so I’ve decided to start a “Photo a Day” project based on closeup photos of ordinary household objects.  It may take a few days to get my bearings & directions, but I think it will be fun!  Kathy likes it because it will keep me from bothering her (maybe!). 😉

6 thoughts on “Photo Project: Ordinary Household Objects”

  1. Well, whatever is good for Kathy! Actually you have a good start with this one. I know a couple of other photographers who starting new projects because of the stay-at-home orders. I’ve worked on archived images and taken the camera for a couple of walks each day.

  2. I’ve been threatening to take the camera out for a walk, but the weather has been uncharacteristically gloomy and drizzly lately and it has dampened my mood. Hence the indoor project. Today, however is supposed to be 82 with sunny skies, so maybe. The redbuds, cherries and bradford pears are popping, so we may actually get spring now.

    I do like keeping Kathy happy, especially since we are in close quarters these days! 🙂

  3. Happy wife, happy life as they say 🙂 This photo is a great start to the project Tom. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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