Maybe The Camera Just Doesn’t Matter That Much

Locomotive used by the Great Smoky Mountains Railway in Bryson City, North Carolina

I was reading a recent post on Monte’s Blog in the context of a commercial print job I’m currently working on.  Monte was discussing how much he wanted a new Fuji lens (me too!) but indicated that his current cameras – 4 and 6 years old – still suited him fine, and he reminded us that all cameras still require a photographer to work.

I was recently contacted by a local restaurant owner about providing prints for their bar and dining rooms for an upcoming remodel.  I’m flattered that they asked me, and even more excited that it is one of our favorite restaurants.  And that they want 17 photos!  One of the things that interested me in the context of Monte’s post and the discussion about needing a “pro” camera for doing quality work is the breakdown of the cameras that were used for the photos we chose for this project:

  • Canon 5D  – 1
  • Canon 5D Mark III – 3
  • Canon Powershot G12 – 4
  • Fuji X-10 – 2
  • Fuji X-E2 – 1
  • Fuji X-T1 – 1
  • Medium Format Film Scan – 1

I wasn’t too surprised about the number of 5D shots, and I wasn’t at all surprised at the number of shots from the Fuji X-E2 and X-T1, my current cameras.  But I was quite surprised at 6 of the photos coming from two point & shoot cameras!  Maybe there is something to be said for ditching all of the interchangeable lens cameras and just buying a single, good, point & shoot camera!

I’ll share the photos later.  Or even better, photos of the photos once they are hung! 😉

Walkway leading to Everett Street in Bryson City, North Carolina



4 thoughts on “Maybe The Camera Just Doesn’t Matter That Much”

  1. That’s about 35% from the point and shoots. I had the Canon G12 for a long time when I was working as a flight attendant because it was so easy to pack along and took very good images.

    1. The G5 was my first digital camera back in 2004 and I still have it, along with my 20D (first DSLR). I later bought a G9, which I eventually gave to my daughter in law when I bought the G12. The G12 disappeared somewhere – I think it was left in a car that was wrecked and either “walked off” or we simply forgot to retrieve it when we cleaned it out. I’d love to have a camera like the G12 but with a larger sensor. So many of the larger sensor cameras these days are as large as an SLR. That’s one of the reasons I was impressed by the Leica/Panasonic camera that I rented a few months back.

  2. What’s that you say? The camera doesn’t matter? But, what about the livelihood of manufacturers? What about the forum wars about which camera/sensor/lens/blah,blah,blah is better? You’re killing me here! How could those folks be so blind?! 😀

    Congratulations on the photos, my friend. I’ve always suspected that it was the person working the camera!

    1. Yeah, based on your feedback I’ve been looking at the 100MP Hassleblad. That should get me the resolution I need for those excellent blog and Instagram photos. Bigger is better!

      Thanks on the photos…perhaps we could meet there for lunch or dinner. Same owner as our usual brunch spot but a different location! 😉

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