Postcard From Wyoming

Route 487 south of Casper, Wyoming

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation where I have pulled off the road to take a picture, taken a handful of pictures, gotten back in the car and driven off without being passed by another car, in either direction!

As an added bonus, below is something else I’ve never come across before!

Route 487 south of Casper, Wyoming


2 thoughts on “Postcard From Wyoming”

  1. Now that is some wide open sky and your not even in Montana yet. I think the grouse wing is for testing of birds and some bird dog hunters/trainers use the wings to train dogs. Hope Buffalo is treating you well.

    1. We ended up in Sheridan, WY on Monday night and then Dickinson, SD on Tuesday. Snow and rain all day Tuesday with 40 being the highest temperature we saw. Supposed to be warmer again by Thursday…here’s hoping!

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