A Lucky Shot

Ginger Blossom and Hummingbird

During our visit to Puerto Quepos, Costa Rica, we took an aerial tram tour and nature walk through a tropical rain forest.  I had been taking photos of this ginger blossom when I noticed a hummingbird flying nearby.  Just as I fired off a series of shots of the ginger the hummer flew into my frame!  I got off a burst of just a few shots before he flew away.  While this is the best one, it certainly isn’t “perfect” enough to win any nature photo contests but it works for me.

6 thoughts on “A Lucky Shot”

    1. I have just one shot of the flower without the bird, two with the bird in the wrong place and out of focus, and this one. Once I realized that I had this one I stopped. Kathy is still chuckling about how my voice sounded when I said “I got it!” 😉

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