Cheaper Than Moving to Arizona

Sunset on the beach, Palmetto Dunes Oceanside Resort, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Here in the southeast US, winter takes two forms.  The first is “the leaves are gone and it’s cold,” and the second is “OH !@#$%.” This coming weekend appears to be “OH !@#$%” and it isn’t even officially winter yet!  The forecast is calling for 8-12″ of snow and low temperatures in the 20s.  We’ll see, but it looks like the confidence is pretty high.  Yikes.

One of the things that Kathy & I have been talking about for this winter is what temperature to set the thermostat at.  Now that we’re home every day we don’t want to leave it set at 65 degrees like we did when we worked.  But we don’t want to keep it set too high, as we’d like to keep from blowing the gas bill out of the proverbial water.  So ‘what to do’ has been the question.

Perhaps not coincidentally, I have found myself somewhat more sensitive to the cold this year (yes, I know that it hasn’t gotten cold yet!).  While my philosophy has always been to make sure I am wearing adequate clothing before turning up the heat, I’ve been finding it necessary to resist turning it too high this year.

At one point I told Kathy – jokingly – that maybe we should think about moving to Arizona.  But at some point yesterday we decided that even if the gas bill doubled – which it won’t – it would still be cheaper than moving to Arizona!  Although I will admit to looking at cruises leaving this weekend to see if we could escape to the Caribbean!  But we opted to tough it out here at home, and turn up the thermostat if we need to.

4 thoughts on “Cheaper Than Moving to Arizona”

  1. Enjoy your winter weather!! Hopefully it will not be bad when we decide to come that way. When did you say again that you might come see us in Florida? I need to put it on my calendar

    1. I think we’ll be OK. We’ve got plenty of food and the wine fridge is full! If prior snowstorms are any indication, most of it will be gone in a few days.

      I’ll send you an email with our Florida plans.

  2. I could just see the post if you moved to Arizona … Kathy and I were discussing what temperature to set the A/C on as it gets to be 125 degrees outside! LOL

  3. Even I don’t need it that hot! We have friends who moved there recently, but they haven’t been through a summer yet! Looking to see how that goes. 😉

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