At The Beach: 11/25/18

Sunset on the beach, Palmetto Dunes Oceanside Resort, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

I really love the look of a wide angle lens on the beach at low tide.  Lots of interesting foreground, and a dramatic sky just adds to the appeal!  Not a lot of big-time color, but enough to be interesting.

2 thoughts on “At The Beach: 11/25/18”

  1. Agreed Tom, I really like a wide angle shot at the beach. Perhaps because it comes nearer to capturing the feelings I experience when staring out across the open ocean. Interesting cloud detail in this one too.

    1. That’s probably it, Earl. Much like your shots from out west (thinking of Montana if I remember correctly) all that sky and open land/sea sometimes calls for an appropriately wide view.

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