Flooding in Venice

St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy

I was just corresponding with a friend about the recent flooding in Venice, Italy.  There had been some flooding in the spring but of course it was gone before we got there.  They had put up temporary elevated walkways in the spring but even those are under water now.  Glad we didn’t need to deal with that then!

I’ve attached a photo I pulled from the news and combined it with one of mine.  You can see the tops of the trash cans in the flood photo, but the tables and chairs are under water (assuming they didn’t take them in).

10 thoughts on “Flooding in Venice”

    1. I’m surprised it is just the two pieces, given all that is there. That they were damaged as a result of water from an adjacent bathroom – on the second floor – doesn’t really sound like it was a result of the flooding.

  1. Wow! I have always wondered about the potential for flooding in any area that’s on the waters edge. New Orleans is the first to come to mind. Not a place I’d want to live. Your image comparison is powerful.

  2. There are places – like Venice and New Orleans – where the difference is really noticeable. Other places it has not been as noticeable, but as water levels continue to rise we will likely see more places impacted. Although since climate change doesn’t actually exist, maybe not…. 😉

  3. The days of Venice may be numbered unless some drastic steps are taken. I’ve also read local government corruption is hampering progress on any effective countermeasure. Sad. 🙁

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