4 thoughts on “The Road to Nowhere”

  1. So… does the tunnel mark the end of the road or does it go beyond the tunnel? I mean, if the tunnel has no exit, it could make a pretty neat dwelling, just add a couple of skylights and the “Road to Nowhere” becomes “The Driveway to a cool, ecofriendly, underground house” 🙂

    1. Since the tunnel is in a national park, habitation is not permitted, but for the most part it is dry throughout, and other than the echo (which would be awesome with a good music system) it would make a roomy shelter.

      The tunnel is about 400 meters long and open at both ends. The road continues for another 400 meters or so before ending. Beyond that is a trail system that connects to the rest of the GSMNP system.

    1. Well, come back any time and I’ll take you there! The official NPS name for the road is “Lake View Drive,” while it is known locally as “The Road to Nowhere” among other less pleasant monikers.

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