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State Archives of Siena in the Piccolomini Palace in Siena, Italy

UPDATE 9/3/18: I either didn’t spell it out well enough or people aren’t reading what I wrote, but you actually have to sign up to get emails!  The link is on the left hand side of the page if you are on a computer or at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device.  A comment doesn’t do it.  I didn’t think it was that hard! 😉

As I’ve mentioned previously, stopped posting my blog to Facebook.  I’ve had several people who used to follow my blog from Facebook ask me how to be notified of new posts.  Many people use Feedly, The Old Reader or some other service, but many do not or don’t know how.  I finally got around to doing something about it and have added a “GET NOTIFIED OF NEW POSTS” section to the left side menu of my blog, just below the lists of My Links and My Photo Friends.

I won’t use your email for any nefarious purposes, but if you are interested in being notified of new posts instead of remembering to check, this is another way to do it!

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