Study Time

Panacea Coffee House in Waynesville, North Carolina

From this past weekend in Waynesville, NC.  Channeling Monte Stevens just a bit.  Although Monte would have had the nerve to ask to take her photo – instead of just sneaking one – and would have gotten a better result. 😉

4 thoughts on “Study Time”

  1. Monte is indeed the master of coffee shop portraits but this is giving him some solid competition 🙂
    Very nicely composed with the leading lines provided by the table. And what a great outlook this coffee shop has.

    1. Thank you, Cedric. I’ll admit to cropping it a bit, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t be emulating Monte! 😉 This particular shop has a back deck that overlooks a mountain stream and we were fortunate to snag an outside table on a beautiful late summer day. Oh, and their coffee is good, too! I bring 2-3 bags of beans home every time we visit.

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