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I don’t usually get too excited about software, but the most recent update to Lightroom has me pretty intrigued.  Most of the changes were cosmetic in nature, related to the layout of certain menu items.  But Adobe has introduced some new and improved Develop profiles that I really like.  I’ve never been able to come up with black & white conversions that I was consistently happy with, but some of the new profiles are pretty sweet.  I might even give Monte a run for his black & white money!  The color profiles are pretty nice too.  I’m still working and fiddling with them, but I think I may have found some new tools!

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  1. I’ve seen those updates too and they do seem good. Lightroom has come a very long way since the early days making the need for Photoshop far less essential.

    1. My Photoshop “chops” have deteriorated severely since I never use it, but once in a while I’ll play around with it to see what it will do. If it wasn’t included with the subscription I probably wouldn’t bother with it. Lightroom isn’t everyone’s answer, but I’ve worked with it since the original version and would have a hard time moving to something else. I’m sure that’s Adobe’s plan! 😉

  2. Like many, I was not too excited about Adobe subscription plans, but it is nice to get updates automatically and finding nice improvements every so often. I have only given the profiles a quick look but need to spend some time to investigate.

    1. Hi John. I spent some time this past weekend doing before/after comparisons on some files I had already processed using the older Fujifilm camera profiles. I really like the Adobe “Landscape” and “Vivid” profiles. Compared to the Fujifilm simulations, they are a lot less contrasty than the Velvia setting with better color than the other settings. I like the extra choices for black & white as well. As always it’s a matter of finding the right profile for the look you want.

  3. I like the improvements, too. I have relied, in the past, on Silver Efex Pro for b&w conversions but for quite a while I’ve been using the controls in LR for most of the conversions. The color controls and curve adjustment has been a big help with the conversions and the ability to make my own presets is very nice. I need to play around with the new profiles which seem like, at first glance, very nice additions.

    1. Hi Ken. I’ve always had a hangup with using “outside” software that requires the round trip out of Lightroom with changes made in both programs. Just my thing and no rational reason for it except preference. I’d like to think that my photos are so good that they just don’t require that much processing, although in reality it’s probably just that I’m just not that particular or that I’m lazy! 😉

  4. I have a mix with black and white images. Sometimes I use the film simulation by Fujifilm and other times I convert in Lightroom or use Silver Efex Pro. Usually depends on how much sleep I got the night before and my vision at the moment I pressed the shutter button.
    I have used Lightroom 4 and Silver Efex Pro for several years now and been satisfied and comfortable. I am unable to work Fujifilm raw files because I have not updated Lightroom and not planning to. I am glad you are liking the upgrades as each of them does allow us new ways of expression.
    I have also been interested in trying to move over to Alien Skins Exposure X3. I’m seeing some good input about it and notice Brookes is now using it.

    1. You are obviously comfortable with your present workflow, and truthfully what works for us is 99% of the equation. Your results speak for themselves! Part of me would love to simplify and just shoot JPEGs and organize them with Photo Mechanic, but I like to have my Adobe fix. 😉

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