Christmas Wallpaper

Christmas Tree on the waterfront in Belhaven, NC


I don’t usually go looking for Christmas-themed photos, but sometimes they just manage to find me. 😉  This was shot in Belhaven, NC last year.  And when I shot it I commented that it would be my Christmas wallpaper for this year.  And so it is!

We’re headed for Belhaven again this coming weekend.  There’s no telling what photographs might find me while we’re there.  Might even be another Christmas scene. 😉

2 thoughts on “Christmas Wallpaper”

    1. Believe it or not I never took my camera out of the bag! It rained for the first two days and I was nursing a sore hip, so I wimped out and slept in. I’ll probably be able to dig up some photos from another time, though. 😉

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