August 2014 Wallpaper

Beaver Creek State Park in Columbiana County, Ohio
Beaver Creek State Park in Columbiana County, Ohio

This month’s wallpaper is a little less abstracty than the ones I’ve been posting, but this is a fairly recent addition and one that I happen to like a lot.  I hope you do, too.

Kathy & I made a bit of a whirlwind visit to Ohio a few weeks ago – hard to believe it has been a month already – dang! – and on that trip we visited Beaver Creek State Park in Columbiana County, near where we lived before we relocated to North Carolina.

Unfortunately I don’t know the history of these trees, and even Google seems to be failing me, but I had forgotten them from previous visits.  They were obviously planted by someone many years ago, probably as an early reclamation project.  There are rows and rows of these trees throughout the park, and we spent some time walking around and I snapped a bunch of photos.  A thunderstorm had just passed through before we arrived, and while the rain saturated the greens, the sunshine made for some interesting shadows on the ground.  It also tended to make this a very contrasty scene, but I think the combination works well.  I tried to process it with a bit of a Velvia look and think it comes pretty close.  Hopefully you will be able to enjoy it for the month of August!

8 thoughts on “August 2014 Wallpaper”

  1. There is a similar (but smaller) grove of trees near my home but the green is not that vibrant (in fact the green is more like, you know… brown). Also the trees aren’t that tall, a bit more stunted I’d say. And the light is… oh, you know what? The grove down the road is no where near as nice as this one. This is beautiful.

  2. There is a section of a park owned by the Museum that is planted with row after row of pines, all in perfectly straight lines. I haven’t visited the park in years but this photo reminded me of the pines. I’ll try to get a photo as soon as I’m able. I also think the light shortly after a rain can be special and here’s the proof.

  3. Every so often contrasty light works. You certainly took advantage of this occasion. Those shadows on the ground make this image for me. Somehow they anchor the trees and augment their height and majesty. I also think Velvia was called for in this case. I have seen a number of images similar to this, but yours stands out. Certainly works for me.

  4. Thank you, Anita. I thought the shadows made the scene a bit more dramatic. I keep trying to perfect “Digital Velvia” but it takes the right scene to make it really happen!

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