Happy 2014!

Sunset, Hilton Head Island, SC
Sunset, Hilton Head Island, SC

Whew! I have to say that 2013 was a wild one for the Dills family! We sold two houses, observed the construction of a new house, moved twice, took a couple of great vacations and just generally had a lot of fun. But I’m just about worn out! Kathy & I are really looking forward to a little quieter year in 2014, with some time to recharge our batteries, catch our breath and enjoy life with just a little less “excitement.”

In keeping with the “quiet” theme I decided to go with a beach scene for this month. This is another from the archives – all the way back to 2007. Taken on the beach in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, this photo reflects the peace and calm I feel at the beach, especially in the early morning or late afternoon. One of our very favorite getaway locations, the beach is high on our list of places to return to in 2014.

We have a little more settling in to do in our new place, but we’ve got things just about to the point where I can start thinking about photography again. I sort of hit the big “Pause Button” this past year, since I just wasn’t able to give it the time and attention I like to devote to my photography. I’m looking forward to settling in and really wrapping my brain around it again. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “Happy 2014!”

  1. Happy 2014 to you too Tom. I hope things slow down a little for you so that you can find more time for your photography. I’m kind of hoping the same for myself but it could be a longer while for me yet. All the best Tom.

    1. Thanks, Cedric. Things are definitely settling down, now that we’ve got the building and moving process behind us. I’m looking forward to dusting off the camera and making some good photographs in 2014.

  2. You and Kathy were movers and shakers last year, that’s for sure! I’ll have to stop by and see the new Dills Estates sometime in 2014. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure about the shakers part, but we definitely were movers! Kathy & I decided just the other day that, although the place isn’t done, our friends won’t judge us on the incompleteness. 🙂

      Let’s definitely make plans to get together soon, whether we meet somewhere to shoot or just have you come over and check the place out. We need to get Earl and Bonnie over as well. Maybe we’ll have a little party!

  3. Happy New Year Tom. It seems 2013 was quite the jumble for a great many people. Many of the photographers I regularly follow have made comments about not shooting as much in 2013.

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