Just One Shot

Rain, Billy’s Restaurant in Roanoke, VA

Kathy & I spent this past weekend visiting friends in Roanoke, VA.  More on that later.

Sunday afternoon we were walking around the downtown area, when a thunderstorm passed through.  Taking refuge under the overhang of the City Market, we were right across the street from Billy’s, a restaurant we had stopped at for cocktails and appetizers the evening before.

The girl in this photo is a hostess at Billy’s.  During the height of the downpour, she pulled up in front of the restaurant in her car, and one of her co-workers from inside came outside under an umbrella and handed her another umbrella through her car window.  She then drove around to the side of the building to park.  Sensing a possible photo opportunity, I maneuvered into a position I thought might be suitable, and waited for her to come down the sidewalk.  As she approached the front of the building, I lifted my camera, took this one shot, and she immediately covered her face with the umbrella and that was it.  But this is the shot I was looking for, and the expression on her face makes it for me.

Passing the Umbrella, Billy’s Restaurant in Roanoke, VA

The photo itself is probably not a big deal, but what excites me the most is that I envisioned the scene, saw it coming and made it happen.  The fact that I only got one shot is interesting, but I only needed one, right?

More to come on the rest of our wonderful visit with good friends, but I wanted to share this one before I go back to working on the rest of my photos.  I’ve got a few more!

4 thoughts on “Just One Shot”

  1. I’m a firm believer that “scenes” are happening around us all the time and an important part of becoming a photographer is gaining skills in recognition, prediction and positioning. Maybe there’s some “magic” involved, but a lot of it’s math and physics too.

    Nice photo…and yes one was all that was needed. 🙂

    1. You’re right about that, Earl. That’s what I enjoy so much about photography. I used to think that those “magic moments” were all about sunbeams and drama. But often one can find such moments anywhere, even in the rain.

  2. Glad you could see the opportunity coming. That is what makes you a good photographer. The 5D helps, the G12 helps but the vision is what made the image.

    1. Thanks, Monte. The camera didn’t see this shot, but I was glad to have the one I had. I might not have gotten the shot with the relatively slower reaction time of the G12.

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