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Disco ball at Dressler’s Metropolitan, Charlotte, NC

Why is it that the people who insist on walking on the wrong side of the hallway – and who you invariably almost run over while rounding a corner – are the ones carrying a bowl of soup or a hot cup of coffee?  Wouldn’t that be a good reason to walk on the right side and to make sure you didn’t run into someone?

Why do the people who only visit a restaurant during Restaurant Week or when there’s a Groupon complain when they can’t also get their free birthday dessert or half-price appetizer?

Someone recently posted an article on Facebook about a new app of some kind that allows you to apply “creative effects” to your iPhone photos in “seconds” instead of the “many minutes” that it takes for some other app to do the same thing.  So now we can see even more lousy iPhone photos.  You’ll be spending less of your time processing them, so I guess that means you can post more.  But I still get to ignore them.

Why do the people who creep through the neighborhood at 24.9MPH (speed limit is 25) feel that it is OK to not bother stopping for stop signs?

I went to a meeting the other night where they had a ‘Swap Table’ for people to sell their used camera gear.  I took in a Ziplock bag with a bunch of stuff I was going to throw away, dumped it out on the table and put a big FREE sign on it.  I didn’t keep track of specific items, but the bag was just as full when I packed it up as it was when I brought it in.  I guess nobody else wanted my junky stuff either.  Maybe they put stuff in?  It’s in the trash now.  I should have just put it there to start with.

Besides the fact that it looks ridiculous, do the people who parade around in their cars with their Poochies on their laps ever think about what would happen to “Poochie” if they got in an accident and their airbag went off?  Do they realize that they’d have a Poochie Pancake?


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  1. Lots of “Whys” in this post and some of the same ones I’ve asked myself. But I know there are so many others who just see through different lenes than I do. If people would all use the same lenes I use then things would be much better. A couple days ago I bought a new shirt. As the young lady put it in a plastic bag told her I did not need the bag. Withou hesitation she pulled the shirt out of the bag, rolled it up in her hand and through it in the trash can under the register. So much for saving the environment. I think she had on a different lens.

    1. Agreed. At work we have this big push to show how “green” we are, so we don’t have disposable cups or silverware in the break room. So instead we use a lot of water and paper towels to wash our reuseable items instead of throwing away cups.

  2. I’m with you on paragraph one. Drives me nuts. Why can’t people just do as if they were driving?
    Speaking of driving, I thought it was just in my neighborhood that people ignored stop signs. And most of these people have no idea what a turn signal’s for either.

    1. We have the same problem, since it’s pretty hard to have a hand for the turn signal when you’ve also got to manage your phone and coffee.

  3. I thought using turn signals and stopping at STOP signs was optional!!! In New York, there is a law that says you have to turn on your headlights when it’s raining but better than half the folks on the road ignore it. I heard someone say that he doesn’t do it because “it wears down the lights”. Please, don’t get me started.

    1. I feel the same thing about Charlotte, Ken. Turn signals, these days, seem to be very much out of style! Hardly anyone uses them. It makes walking a challenge … when crossing the street. You never know who’s going which way! As for wearing down the lights. I didn’t know that. I’ll have to start driving with mine off! 😉

  4. Some feel they can pick and choose what rules or laws to follow and others feel compelled to follow them all. While I do believe we should all question rules or laws for validity and actively pursue changing them if they’re bad, in general rules exist for a good reason — some people just don’t seem to get the message and will get defensive and offended if you question them on it.

    Maybe turn signals should be connected to GPS units in cars that have them so they come on when it knows your suppose to turn. 🙂

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