Long Overdue

Kathy & I had been trying to find a weekend to head to Waynesville, NC – our favorite little town in the NC mountains – since March.  With the exception of our Alaska and California adventure, things just haven’t been very conducive to getting away for the last several months.  We finally had our chance this past weekend and took advantage.

As luck would have it we didn’t get a lot of relief from the high temperatures, as Waynesville – while about 10 degrees cooler than Charlotte – was still unseasonably hot, to the point where most of the HVAC systems were doing their best to keep up.  Most of them were up to the task, a few were not.

We wisely headed out early and got our in-town sightseeing done early.  In the heat of the afternoon we headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a few hours, and while it was 97 in town, it was an unusually warm but relatively cool 84 at Waterrock Knob, an overlook and visitor center at 5,820 feet.  After a stop for ice cream it was back to town for a nice dinner and some rest in our thankfully-air-conditioned room.

Sunday was spent getting back to reality, and after a stop in Statesville here we are.  A couple of work days with a holiday sandwiched in, and before we know it we’ll have another weekend!

No serious photography this trip, but I had a camera with me at just about all times!

6 thoughts on “Long Overdue”

  1. Tom, I know I’ve been to or through Waynesville a number of times. What is it about it that makes it “you favorite little town in the NC mountains?” — Just curious.

    1. Earl, it’s mostly the location that makes it a favorite. It’s pretty easy to get to from here and is close to a lot of places we like to go, most especially a big stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway that is in easy reach, and it’s about 30 minutes from the Smokies. It’s got a nice and fairly vibrant downtown area with a number of good restaurants, and for the most part it is affordable. Big enough but not too big. Motel, food and housing prices are pretty reasonable, and it’s a place we think we could live when the time comes. We try to get over there at least a couple of times a year, and we’re planning to return in October.

  2. Ice cream? Did I hear ice cream? I knew I liked you! Sound like a weekend well spent. I also don’t think you would venture very far without a camera. 🙂

    1. Don’t tell Kathy (although she probably knows) but I think I like ice cream even more than I like wine! 🙂 Is there an Ice Cream Country we can go visit? I’m there!

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