A Visit To Salisbury, NC

Historic train station in Salisbury, North Carolina

Yesterday, Paul Lester & I made a trip to Salisbury, NC to meet up and do some photography with fellow photographer and blogger Earl Moore, aka “The Earl of Salisbury.”  Earl and Paul had met previously, but while Earl & I have been following each others’ blogs for a few years we had never met.

Paul & Earl at the historic train station in Salisbury, North Carolina

After a cloudy and damp start it was a great day.  Earl was the consummate host, showing us around town for a few hours, then treating us to lunch at a nice little Thai/Chinese/Japanese Sushi place called “Bangkok Downtown” before a final stop at the Salisbury National Cemetery.  Well, final in a figurative sense, not in a literal way. 🙂


Amazingly for me, it was my first visit to Salisbury.  I’m sure I had passed through at one time or another over the past 17 years, but I had never spent any meaningful time there.  Salisbury has a beautiful and historic rail station, is the birthplace of Cheerwine, headquarters of Food Lion, has a beautiful downtown area and a number of beautiful and historic homes & neighborhoods.

One of many church steeples on the Salisbury skyline

As is typical of a Southern town, Salisbury has a lot of churches.  Most of the popular denominations seem to be represented.  There is probably a covered dish dinner going on somewhere in town every day.  Just like at the mall, there is truly something for everyone.

Dogwood in full bloom

I took over 250 photos, which is a lot for me, but there was a lot to see and shoot.  Mostly it was enjoyable to spend time talking and photographing with friends.  A number of the photos I took have more of an “urban decay” theme, and while they are interesting I won’t post them here because they don’t suit my intention for this article.  I’ll probably use them to illustrate another article I have in mind, but for now they will remain unshared.

Not all of the windows are real!

I truly enjoyed my time in Salisbury and hope to return there again soon.  The train station itself is a place where I could spend hours.  The cemetery will be lovely when the grass greens up, but before summer’s heat takes its toll.  And there are a lot of shops and restaurants to explore…I’ll definitely be back!

Salisbury National Cemetery

4 thoughts on “A Visit To Salisbury, NC”

  1. Tom, I’m glad you had a good time and enjoyed Salisbury. It was a pleasure finally getting to meet you. I love that photo of the women walking past those “painted windows” — nice catch.

  2. I laughed when I saw the photo of the woman walking past the ‘windows’ because I remembered her stopping to let you take the photo and you telling her: “Go ahead. I’ll wait for you.”. A very careful choice of words. 🙂 She assumed, as you intended, that it meant that you’d wait until she passed, not until she was framed perfectly. You sly devil! 😀

    It was a fun day. I enjoyed the company.

  3. Glad you guys had a good time at the meet up. I would expect Earl to be the consummate host. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these two fine gentlemen during one of my overnights in Charlotte. Paul picked me up at my hotel then we met Earl at a restaurant. I also love the image with the two windows and the lady walking past. very well done! I also like the isolation of the red flowers in the cemetery. Heck I like all these images.

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